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Friday, February 23, 2018

We are regarded as one of the leading solar installation companies in the Australia, Asia and Pacific regions. We have more than 20 years experience as PV solar system developers and installers. Based in the Upper Hunter region of NSW we are involved with project development at all levels and provide professional consultation services nationally, as well as internationally to numerous government agencies, councils, community groups and NGO's. 

SolarPlus was previously named MV Solar, it was formed by Michael Valantine who is a solar energy specialist and is fully accredited by the Clean Energy Council. Michael has also been involved in solar development, including designing and building a solar car and went on to compete in the World Solar Challenge, a race for solar vehicles from Darwin to Adelaide.

The former MV Solar has won numerous industry awards including the prestigeous BEC Australia Awards for Performance, and many more.

SolarPlus can provide all your solar needs including off-grid, solar hot water, caravan and motor home systems, solar pumping, as well as Low Voltage and Extra Low Voltage Systems.

We guarantee excellent customer service and satisfaction. If you want to know more please contact any of our friendly staff who are more than willing to help. Contact us by email or for direct enquiries please call +61 2 6547 1100