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Friday, February 23, 2018

This is all a bit much for me and I need some guidance. How and when can you be contacted to answer questions?

We are available at any time via email to give your questions a prompt reply. Go to our Contact Us tab at the top of the page.

What is an REC and how do you qualify for the rebate?

REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) is tradeable on the open market and represents 1 megawatt hour of renewable energy.

They can be sold per REC at market prices. Systems up to 1500W may qualify for 3 times their rate through Federal Government rebates.

Systems must be installed by a CEC accredited installer to qualify.

What is a kWh and how does this generate income?

kWh or kilowatt hour is a unit of energy that can be bought or sold by an electricity distributor eg Energy Australia.

What if the government rebate runs out?

With both state and federal governments anything is possible. However the peak cost of energy is currently $0.36 per kWh and is very likely to double within the next couple of years, so by getting in now even if the rebates end you will still be ahead.

Also, PV solar systems generate power at the peak cost per kW/hr rate. This means that the system is generating power during peak times, therefore saving you the maximum amount.

How long does the installation take and when do we receive the income?

Systems can be installed within a few weeks of the deposit being received subject to component availability. the REC rebate is normally paid within 3 weeks of installation.

Can I use the rebate to offset the cost of the system, meaning can I pay less the rebate?

Yes, you may elect for the rebate to be claimed by the installer and you will only need to pay the balance.

What electricity companies comply with the regulations?

All NSW electricity distributors and most other Australian states allow connection of PV solar systems to the network via Net feed in.

Can any one install the solar system?

No, only CEC accredited installers can install systems and are eligible for rebates.

Why choose SolarPlus?

SolarPlus is a leader in solar technology. We have over 20 years experience in the solar industry and over 30 years experience in the Electrical, Electronic and Medical Electronics industry. SolarPlus is run by a former fully qualified TAFE instructor who was the first to develop specialized courses in Renewable Energy in NSW. These were specifically in PV solar systems in both design and installation of grid connect and standalone systems. The director of SolarPlus trained the many of very people that are now qualified as solar installers.

There are few, if any better qualified people than those behind SolarPlus. We are the leaders in the solar technology field and we will provide on-going support and will be there if you need any assistance.